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Your personal and virtual trainer on demand.

Exercise anywhere and anytime you want:
effectively, fast and with visible results measured by AI!

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The Fitnessyo sensors provide ultra precise movement measurements in real time,
while the app as a virtual assistant guarantees supervision of exercises.
Virtual training assistant will help to analyze the repeatability and effectiveness of performed exercises.
The process is made thanks to data provided from the sensors.
Such data allows movement monitoring using artificial intelligence algorithms.

World Health Organization
recommends 150 minutes
peer week to exercise.

This will not only contribute to overall well-being and
good shape, but will also lower the risk of diseases,
including diabetes, heart attack or senile dementia.

AI-supported tele-exercises based on:

  • Interial sensor
  • Bluetooth Law Energy technology
  • Long life battery
  • Ergonomic, friendly design
  • Waterproof device housing
sensor fitnessyo
mobile phone
  • Remote consulation via app
  • Data collection in one place
  • Periodic notifications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Professional exercise analysis

Fitnessyo sensors

mobile application

Increase the effectiveness of your exercises

The mobile application will enable real-time data visualization so that people who are physically active can make corrections on a regular basis. The mobile application will allow the user to register and login; on the next screen the user will be able to check his training plan for the next few days and historical data on previous training sessions. After switching to a given exercise, the screen will display a model imitating the limb in real time, after performing a series of exercises, the user will receive a result representing the correctness of the exercises performed.

The sensors have been equipped with sensors
such as an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer,
- those components will allow for precise measurements
of the exercises performed.

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